Erling Okkenhaug © : "LOOSE GENES"

( From a book released in 1987 / drawings by Knut Anders Løken © - Translation by Ruth Johnson )

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    X) Stars

    Some rotates

    and some stand still

    most of all

    it's me that's clear



    The dress matches

    but I shan't

    fall in love anyway


    Playground 1965

    Sweet little one-way tickets

    delivered by girlfriends


    Mountain Crag

    Silent grass...

    Twisted pine

    And white paint spots



    How many can relax when they dance,

    without to perform



    I could have become a millionaire

    on own-risk clauses



    You in the yellow

    Cindy Lauper skirt

    with black Pepita waves

    would you like to see the family tree

    of one of my friends?


    I had to paint abstracts as piece-work

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    X) Hunting news

    "We are the world"

    has become the smooching number

    on the dance floor

    there are people dying


    All Right

    Japanese women

    in western design



    He had a perfect ear

    for women

    He held forth

    for hours on

    the most erogenous zones

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    X) Hypocrites

    It's clever to use Jesus

    as a reference

    for one's own perfection



    The girls assess

    each others



    Thin points of boats

    with all Ascot's horses

    and daddy's credit card

    at the wheel


    Berry Picking LTD

    It's a high price to pay

    when you set yourself

    goals you can rech all the time


    If you don't get this

    your tried



    Bye, bye love

    and everyone danced

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    x) Self-centered

    Out of your own navel

    from 0-100 in 4.8 seconds



    Not placed nice and tidily

    in the ash-tray with the others

    but thrown in the dirt with others

    and trodden on



    Top speed

    in to/out of

    the authorities files



    Like mixmasters on bare boards

    only disinherited bacilli...

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    Manus depressive



    Is there an opening here

    to be sad?


    Eating crackling on christmas eve

    Like putting your fingers flat on

    the floor when doing th conga



    The forth time

    the wedding cake

    doesn't taste so bad



    Everyone participates free


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    X) The poor

    Those who fight their way into society



    A dream of

    an awakening



    At the end of the worD



    But Nelson disappeared

    with his family tree

    and picktures of his grandchildren

    a sudden farewell

    never mind

    same boat



    Summer light

    is better for the ground

    gen7.jpg (6220 bytes)



    X) There are so many unattached genes



    The smallest common ultimatum


    Real Fruits

    I had to shake hands

    to be friends

    took hold of the poker

    and looked down



    She: What star sign are you

    He: Actually, I collect stamps

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    X) Mousetrap

    Men often get married

    out of bad concience


    Minor key

    Suddenly the mothers had




    Lead-free conduct

    Where women must give way

    careful gearing over to






    single file

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    X) Hysterical Museum

    There were so few boys there

    that the girls sat near the hater



    Beware of those who change their

    money in the collecting plate



    The mother of the Spanish dwarf

    had a double reason to be


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    X) Jacobs moral

    Do wasps know it hurts

    when they sting?


    The Star

    A fly on the wall of his own life


    Make up

    His stomach was so big and heavy

    that it

    pulled out all

    the wrinkles in his face


    Patchwork crescendo

    First Tom went with Brenda

    Then Dick with Jenny

    And me with the rubbish.

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    X) Greater London County Council

    Radicals on safe ground



    The photographer went to east Europe

    to learn all

    tones of grey


    Creative Forum

    Fighter pilots over

    no-man's land

    between pure and impure ideas


    Stephanie, Brighton

    The lights rotate

    faster than

    the hearts


    Norwegian soap opera

    In that house, the icicles hung

    on the inside of the windows

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    X) View

    There are plenty of chances here

    if you're in the mood for women


    Over Poland

    The children play

    in the aisle on the plane

    the adults smile

    at each others




    No cover

    go under cover

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    X) Dropped dead in the street

    Spectators like frightened antilopes

    at a kill in the savanna


    Book title

    Questions I would never

    ask myself



    Your credo -

    your ego



    I reached out for

    a drink

    and the nice ones

    who smiled


    Womens liberation


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    X) Wings

    Making for home

    the lads flash

    their motor cycles

    at night instead



    I move slowly

    towards my own heart



    You should not think

    your worth something

    said someone

    but it isn't far

    to the rubbish bin either

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    X) Moderation trend

    As if it was the last thing we

    should do



    If it had been so important to listen

    people would have had something

    to say


    Alter naiv

    For my part, I have said

    some good prayers



    Rupert Murdoch

    Hundred pound notes

    are pretty enough


    Those of us who are a bit scared

    take care of what hasn't been done

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    X) Tie

    God created us in his image

    and we return the compliment



    Simplicity's regatta


    Camp for the handicapped

    You throw boules

    into a milieu


    Engaged Tone

    Can't promise to be

    available any time

    as I haven't really

    made the most of

    any time in the past



    Poor you, - you preach

    what you never dared practise

    of others' enthusiasms



    3 Muffins with

    my coffee

    suspicious little cakes

    at 10p each

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    Try not to be tempted

    to fall into the

    all to pleasant whirlpool


    World Champion

    Clap while you

    drink a toast

    and you spill

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    X) Comfort

    There's nothing wrong

    with being rustic if you come from

    the biggest farm in the district


    Norwegian samaritan

    To the dying on the pavement:

    It's my knees...


    The angel

    in the church

    the font is

    not really very aerodynamic



    Cocktail cherries

    for artificial fertilization



    Have you heard the bear

    say brrm brrm?


    The virgin Mary

    She was a candelabra

    of a person

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    X) Business letter

    Do you write "dear"...



    Kissing an intelligent girl

    is hell

    when she starts analysing

    your tongue



    Diasappears when defined

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    X) My situation ith tho thpeyial


    Circus ring

    The canary shuts its eye

    when strait-laced wife goes by

    the sun shines on white man



    French notepads

    eat up ideas



    The ski-instructor brushes

    even my thighs

    when he pats hers

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    X) Spring

    Must pay for each end every


    hysterical joyful

    exciting positive

    and trembling

    happy moment

    with a down


    Needle's eye

    Man's greatest scourge

    is the path of resistance



    So many

    simple solutions

    and you don't even

    ask to be held



    Beginning after

    brushing your teeth and emptying the rubbish

    and cleaning the grey 60 watt bulb



    They came together

    through the hair

    and permitted each other


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    X) Dinner

    The world does not need sensation

    but love and the Sun



    Thought business

    would be my saving

    but then I got a sniff

    of the old days


    Maternity ward

    All babies are the spitting image

    gen23.jpg (6724 bytes)


    X) Over 35

    Either gently downhill

    or hairpin bends



    I pat your sholder

    a gentle goodnight

    I carefully

    pat a warm




    Teachers out for a duck

    a look like litmus paper



    Thirty degrees glance upwards

    big words from

    small shadows

    kind smile

    gen24.jpg (2976 bytes)


    X) Money and the church

    Over directors carpets

    barefoot in sand-dunes

    going cap in hand to the bank

    or stealing after the beauty



    I am 360 degrees open



    The table for the presents

    shouted break-even



    I've lost the dialling tone



    Mammon with a smile


    Soda water

    All the answers

    Slipped away

    in an attempt

    to be pleasant

    gen25.jpg (6381 bytes)


    X) Men build upwards with lego

    women across



    By a little


    in the panelling

    you and I



    We sit here inspired

    by a high standard

    walled in in bad planning



    The house I live in is a silo

    and I am the harvest of 1951

    gen26.jpg (6627 bytes)


    X) The locks

    It's som immoral that

    the underground goes on rails in the air


    Vaccination nerves

    Not to be difficult, but

    - James Brown and

    Blackpool Tower



    Just as hereditary as sterility


    Pair of aces

    Girls sleep

    boys weep



    One of the stripes on your sweather

    could have been more beige


    Stern magazine

    327 megawatts of nuclear power

    in Niederrhein

    and Grac Jones's decollectage

    brought together

    in new fusion

    gen27.jpg (5112 bytes)


    X) He who marries a dowry

    ends up in powerty



    The word is reality's undertone

    the picture is without colour



    You are so deep

    she said

    and I swam strongly


    towards Vera Lynn


    All your life is important

    for the rest of your life

    gen28.jpg (4603 bytes)


    X) The operasingers prayer

    Oh Christ in top C



    Fiendish small grains

    billions of pieces

    broken off from Greek mountains


    Art is no joke

    The good lord would

    have understood me

    shaken His head and said:

    One day you will learn

    gen29.jpg (4989 bytes)


    X) Architekt


    Does not necessarily become




    No-one notices how


    chases trams up the street


    Open air pool

    At the deep end

    12-year-old in flight

    towards a reverse-image sky


    Suburban apartment

    On the stairs with

    the mail-order cataloge

    and the neighbour's smile


    Desperate modern

    So hungry for experiences

    that we are only capable

    of satisfying ourselves

    gen30.jpg (3932 bytes)


    X) Ronnie Scott's

    Controlled cool

    the point of the joint


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