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Since their success is so 100% they are not looked upon as one of us any more. Better to get four out of five, and to HA GJORT SITT BESTE. 


TheBESTEFAR knows his KROK well, even though his fingers seem to be too big when putting theMEITEMARK on.


The border between moonshine and cognac in Oslo. Earlier a big KLOAKK, now clean enough to fish in.


The driver with theHATT doesn't know this KVALITET. MARTIN does. Then when everything is over he drives theBIL with one foot.


Finally on their way down due to theGRENSE-HANDEL. Up goes the jolly old LAKS on his way home.


The biggest scout camp in Norwegian history. Introduced the word ELVEREDDER. When was that?


"When will the skies open and let the world see my talent? And will I enter the world of theBERØMTE?" he thinks when he plays theSOLOGITAR in theDANSEBAND.


TheVIDDA uniform, theNANSEN look. In the big LOMME in front you have the fast lunch, theAPPELSIN and theBLÅ-SWIX. 


Moving to the left, moving to the right in theHARLEM shuffle. Nothing to do with the next word?


Sometimes thePOLITIKER likes to refer to theSTORE VERDEN when the figures go the wrong way with regard to Norway being the best country to live in. But when theARBEIDS-LEDIGHET did not go down, the figures were good to have in hand.


City with nice people who look after theVAFFELRØRE so that no-one drops RØMME in it. Also the city of the ever-changing poll.


The friend of STOREBJØRN who comes every summer and tells stories in theLÅVE. In the end APRILL JHONNY cannot find the connection between theSOSS and theFRIIK in OSLO. Everybody else laughs.


Longest three years in your life. After that total freedom is experienced for the first time in theLIV. TheSOMMERJOBB and theINTER-RAIL.


Someone who started with nothing and did not end up with the tremendous GJELD. Brother of theLANGANGEN and theBUGGE.


Nice shoes that were built as theSPAREBØSSE for theTIØRE. APRILL JHONNY lost one of his from DANSKEBÅTEN.


Bring a small KIKKERT to theTEATER next time, and you will see BONDEVIK's smiling face sipping a SOLO. Do theVINKE!


That's entertainment. TheFETE TYPER walk around in AKERSGATA thinking they know it all. Nutrilett.


Can happen both at ROA and in theLIV. What you must be ready for anyway is theGRØFT. Either FALKEN or theVENN come to the rescue.


Besides APRILL JHONNY when grabbing theDUK, it can be you when slowly moving to the left after having kissed her cheek from behind. Or when moving slowly to the west in the evening breeze.


When you have managed to make footsteps on the kitchen floor with theKREMFLØTE and theSYLTETØY you are theAVSLØRT lying innocent in bed. Or it can be an American POLITIKER who once kissed someone on the cheek.


A thing from above that APRILL JHONNY always carries with him on his route through theLIV. The very second best and the most exciting feeling one can entertain in the life of love. Even when you had a big one on the hook, it was a small SILD in comparison.


Country made up of BADEMADRASSER. Most often financed with theDU-MIDLER.


Container of theKAM and theLOMMEBOK. Both have gone when outside theLOKALET again.


When you were small this fellow never got shocked when you told him all the bad things you had done. And he did not SLADRE either. 


Nice big fellow. Doesn't seem to be in the top five nowadays. A friend to all the animals that prefer to stay quietly by themselves. Has to eat every now and then. He is a bit like theHVAL - if you don't know them they become more interesting. Where is theGJETER?


The one who should look after your wallet but which found itself in the opposite situation of what it expected. Then the normally very nice HEDEMARKING also got angry. Who's left to trust?


The place to make up your mind, isn`t it? Home of theFLØRT, edge of theMULIGHET. Can never remember how theEVENTYR ended.


Best food for theFOLK in theLILLEHAMMER region. Specially after theOL it will be the only MÅLTID for a long time.


A natural perfume. Gives you very good memories of childhood when you spent days climbing up and down trees in theVALDRES.


Sometimes it's better to concentrate on one than to join this MANGE BEKKER SMÅ business. What about today? Maybe it is better to rest. There are always those who want to cross first.


Make the life of thePOTET better and drive around in an electric car. Then they move out in theTERRENG with ISLENDER and theGUMMIBÅT.


This is theMELK GRO sells and makes a fortune from. Then it does not fit in the picture when talking about theMILJØ and at the same time SITTE PÅ BEGGE SIDER AV BORDET. But in the times of the market economy you simply have to make the best of it.


Best friend. Gives you hugs, love and theTIØRE. Man of knowledge and wisdom. Usually married.


When you are small she makes theGRAUT, hopefully SEMULE. She does not say "No" to a card game or theLUDO. Be good to her. She loves you the most.


You mention it with honour and pride, then theSVENSKE says Volvo, Abba, Bjørn Borg. Silence on theTERRASSE in Mallorca.


Norway's main answer to the Colosseum. Previous home of theSKØYTESPORT. Nowadays people get paid to run once a year on dry land. Strawberry fields played by theHAUKVIK.


Can mean both the thing in which APRILL JHONNY for the first time saw the naked truth, or the things which spend their life on theTRÆR.


You could not help it. You had to find out if it was theMYR or not. Then walking back home it says theSPLÆSH in theSLAGSTØVLER.


When APRILL JHONNY talks about his new car, he is doing theBLØFF.


The art of skiing is when you have theBLÅ SWIX in the middle and GRØNT on the sides. Not this stupid swimming or SKØYTING. Can`t see the difference any more. BJØRN & VEGARD.


Inside, a very tired German tourist is caught by the police for sleeping in the car while it was on the move. Outside, STOREBJØRN watches HANS from south of theHAMBURG talk to theLENSMANN. 


A room in which all the more interesting things like theELGHODE have their home. Finally you have to erase the best memories. Life goes on.


ARTIGPER's language. Needs a twist to get its identity if you want to stick out in theGJENG. Or the sound is like a noise from a mixmaster if it comes from theDEPARTEMENT.


The place to meet human beings on theMOTORVEI. Smiles when he returns theBILLETT. Price tag 11.- Possibly the cheapest way out of OSLO.


The guy that brings us thePOTETER and all the other things mother nature gives us. The father to APRILL JHONNY, chef at theLOKALET in his youth, master at doing theHALLING-SPARK, master of theFJØS. Getting more and more famous. Have you seen him with ANNE ENGER on MTV lately?


Home of theMAT, a place to stay on top if you are lucky. Home ground for upbringing, laughs, meetings and theVRI ÅTTER.


Boring Business. The most interesting business in Norway is in fact boring. But if it is boring, it`s as money-making as hell. What would the Norwegian FOLK do without it? We do not know. GRO's JUR - HALLELUJA.


The event is best remembered when done in a BÅT.


APRILL JHONNY's teacher at school does this on the side.


Something that comes in bottles. If you put a SUGERØR into it and blow as if you were playing a saxophone, theBRUS will reappear in your nose. Join a seven-year-old boy's BARNE party and learn the proper technique. 


Movement done by theVANN. The music is not top 20, and the steps are not the trendiest. Then it is good to be old and remember what happened when you were thrown in the water after arguing about theEF. Maybe the locals did not like your talk about theINDRE MARKED.


STOREBJØRNS BRYSTKASSE is like this. His only weak spot is when HARRY KRISHNA says that he knows more about the Harley Davidson than he does. He only knows theTEMPO inherited from theBESTEFAR inside out.


Sticks are put up to make the road visible for the driver who has waited 18 hours for theBRØYTEBIL to come over from HAUKELI-SÆTER. No one told him that he was on the wrong side of theVANNSKILLE.


Someone who moves too fast and causes disorder or wins. Nothing to gain if you are theBRÅ when not on skis. Dear ODDVAR, you were the best. DRA TIL DEG BIKKJA Thomas Wassberg.


The goal of PAPPA's lonely, innocent Sunday trips to buy thePØLSE I LOMPE the minute before dinner.


TheBIRKEBEINER cocktail which is a must on your way downhill, with theRIM in theBART.


She looks so damned pretty in this well-put- together material, swinging around at theTUN. The soundtrack is on. APRILL JHONNY waits at the back, thinking "This is Love."


With 80% in theSTORTINGET, we will reach the year of 2200 with theKUER in the street.


APRILL JHONNY is the most original in his BYGD without knowing it himself. HARRY KRISHNA, who has recently come home from theKATMANDU, is looked upon as a real outsider. STOREBJØRN doesn't care.


Something that there are only fragments of in OSLO, if anything at all. We find it on a great scale in theSØRLANDSBY. The manager thinks he is playing with his LEGO, so lonely and trapped.


The man who drives it thinks he is theGUD when cruising home up the snowy hill with theKASSE TONIC in the back.


Summer movable room for happy times and intense quarrels. Camping - so close and so far from reality. TheCAMPINGVOGN uniform, theTURNDRESS, does the job of theSMOKING.


House for the people who had not found their identities before they went in SLIPS to theTEATERCAFEEN. USIKKER, but on theINNSIDEN.


When APRILL JHONNY wants to be a somebody, he puts this object on top of his head. And maybe he also puts a COWBOY-HATT on the head of the best KU in order to make a team, thereby turning this KU into a real cow-cow. Both with hats, both outside and yet very inside things.


When is that? Is it so important that you have to watch it every day? Play some music instead and think about it. "FIRE MENNESKER ER SETT PÅ GATEN"- right?


In between the mountains God gave the Norwegian people theDAL, thus making it possible to live in this lovely country. TheDAL is a family member of theVIDDA. Cow-cow and theBUDEIE live in theDAL.


Family member of the Norwegian FOLK every Saturday evening. The biggest clown in theLUFTA or on theKABEL.


Slightly hungover, you buy this the last hour in FREDRIKSHAVN. Everybody is silent back on theOSLOBÅTEN.


Dark period in history when theFOLK only lived by counting theBARNÅLER.


No reason to try to turn and look over your shoulder. TheFLUKT won't help. It's you.


An invisible but very real line which crosses the land of theTORSK. They can not "sea" the reason why. Or another invisible line in your big bed when married too long.


TheVANN close to the edge has a peculiar RO. Soon it will have to leave its friends.


TheSVENSKE KRONE moves up and down. Mr.SKÅNLAND said in the voice of theBARNEHAGETANTE that this is correct. Monopoly for theSTORE GUTTA.


The sound with more identity. Heard when asking someone for directions to the nearest HYTTE. Many artists use this SPRÅK and sell more records.


Unable to make clean cuts. Then the one pretending to be Jesus keeps playing dirty in theMØRKE.


The wood turns theLEVENDE when in the hands of STOREBJØRN. ARTIGPER does not understand this, as he never joined theSLØYD-TIMER, but smoked instead.


Every boring man has a daughter, and every band on the national day has plenty of DRILL girls out in front. This is not boring. It is full of action and good fun. But does it have an influence on the crude oil price?


When he entered the arena, we started to play like the Italians. Still quite suspect being on the Left. But maybe not so bad when MYGGEN is back. The Norwegian HÅP when leaving for theVERDENSMESTERSKAP.


Seems to be the Norwegian boxing arena. Why can't we divide the fighting throughout the whole week? Much more fun.


Used to be closer to life itself. Nowadays people only dream about something else, without any limits at all. GRATIS. Anything can happen, and you probably meet her somewhere in Rome. Your father plays jazz music in a small bar. You dance in the rain and sing about the Italian donne.


Can be white or with different patterns. APRILL JHONNY loves to drag theDUK away from the table, thus causing confusion and making it possible for him to leave the party so he can continue the search for his love, theBUDEIE.


Your sister's friend. Or the thing you do when there are cowboys around.


What will happen if we join theINDRE MARKED and the EØS deal says that we cannot sell our own? TheTOMATER from ISRAEL are now more accepted by the average BONDE as a strategic tool that ANNE ENGER did not think about when she said yes!


A small opening between your world and the others. Then you can't see it any more as the light is off. You are theALENE in the dark.


Someone who says you have had too many. When you say "Only three bottles" he lets you in. When there is SLIPSTVANG do not smile, and mention something about theROSENBORG or theLILLESTRØM.


Well - was Europe invented yesterday? 


This FISK answers the question the same way as it is repeated for the first time. Later they will move to the British sector.


Someone who has his own road sign, ready for theNYE EUROPAVEI.


A very popular painting. Better than Van Gogh.


To day we are sorry that style in ski-jumping like the one performed by THORALF ENGAN does not count any more. Now the skis are spread out like a V. It looks as if the jumpers are having a baby on their way down. We miss the elegance.


When you are little you can make them when you lie down and wave to the sky from the right angle.


When you say it in English it sounds better. Maybe not the worst feeling in the world if it does not last forever. APRILL JHONNY's ENSOMHET on theVIDDA is great.

TheERIK BYE Safest tower from theJULAFTEN in the sixties. His voice reminds us of BESTEFAR and theTRYGGHET in theSTORE STUDIO.


The little ones are told to eat theGROVBRØD. When they want to become the President, they drink theCOLA. TheBUDEIE is loyal. She sips her SOLO alone in her room.


Something that is theKOPI of something else. Who knows where it all started?




This fabric is interesting. You cannot wear it, it floats, and is often located very close to theDELELINJE.


After spending over two hours at theMELKE-RAMPE in his best clothes, APRILL JHONNY walks home alone thinking "Why didn't theBUDEIE come?"


Gave something to your MAMMA once. Good mixture, can't be reversed. Never forget that. Then he raises his eyebrows again, and says "NÅ ER DET ALVOR."


STOREBJØRN tears it up, theLENSMANN cries, theKU RAUTER and theLIV goes on.


Comes down thePIPE and says hello when theNISSE is away on holiday and the house is empty but for ROSE. Then theVÅR is back, with all the new colours which will bring us theFØLELSE of it all.


A wooden instrument with strings which resembles a violin, but the sound is closer to nature itself. Very often to be found on theTUN and in theLOKALET. TheFELA is the Norwegian soundtrack.


Four weeks only with action from theMORGEN to theKVELD. Must be a success. One way trip only, can't be reversed or changed. Normally it rains in the spot where you are and not in Spain.


Stays in theSTABBUR, and is brought out when the big TRØNDER comes by: "Æ SJØTTE ITJ' PÆNG!"


Bird that stays. Not to FORVEKSLE with theTREKKFUGL.


Happy people with long hair or theTREKK-SPILL used to be the target group. Nowadays festivals of PØLSE take place in theKJØPE-SENTER.


Biggest in Norway on the longest STREKNINGER between things. STOREBJØRN plans to cross it on theTEMPO. HARRY KRISHNA will bring some friends. APRILL JHONNY can't wait to see this second VIDDA.


Fish come and go. Hopefully they will come and stay between the opera sessions.


Sometimes when theBÅT comes home empty, thePOLITIKERE remain as undecided as they normally are. TheFISK has gone UANSETT.


When theTORSK is brought on dry land, and is lucky to avoid theRIMI1000, he lies proud on theFISKETORGET somewhere and smiles along with theREKE.


Does not play together with the Jacksons but is anyway in theSØKELYS. TheHÅRSPENNE kept her hair in place in the days of theHØYRE-VIND.


The mother of theVANN, the brother of theELV, the home of the sound "KLUKKER" and the natural Norwegian drinking fountain.


When on top of it we say "Ah how clean." The Japanese beside us is on the point of dizziness which will take him into dreamland. He can't stand this overdose of theFRISKHET. Then, when closer to society again, he buys a box of it and takes it home.


BRUM, BRUM, is more than he can bear. Best friend to the animals, all theBARN, and theTÅLMODIGHET. Can never get enough of theTIURLEIK.


A very long water, very deep, not so mysterious as Loch Ness, but with much more POESI. Nice-looking locals wave to the boat that might come floating by with people with green hair and strange patterned shirts on board.


The horse from last year. When you were with her, spending most of your time in theSKOG.


In wintertime when theKU have to rest, theFJØS is home. TheBUDEIE comes in every morning and says "Hello" and empties theJUR. When theBUDEIE has been into town and is late for work, theFJØS is the real Norwegian Opera House. TheNISSE conducts the cows in a low aria, theRAUT. A real Norwegian sound.


Rescue after parties when there is nothing left, and your girlfriend vanished last night with someone else. TheBLEKE face, walks toward the shop and has just enough bottles to buy Coke.


A note telling you about something from someone you do not know, but who is sending this message in a bottle to you. Much better way to get together than the020, and it is GRATIS.


Goes with theSPEKESKINKE, made on theTAKKE.


Then you reach it, tired. The last OPPOVER-BAKKE was long. PUST in theBAKKE. Then you see it - theFLATE in front of you, your home. APRILL JHONNY is somewhere, thinking.


When trying the new TRYLLESETT in front of his family APRILL JHONNY does theFLAUSE. TheKONGE dropped out of theFLOSSHATT instead of theKANIN, who was not in this game from the start.


Is not always right, APRILL JHONNY told himself, when everybody said that theBUDEIE was interested in HARRY KRISHNA.


When walking BARBEINT over theGULV you can get this in your foot. Not so bad if someone is waiting in the bed with nice fingers to take it out. But you are in theTRØBBEL if it is in theROMPA and you are alone in the house.


When APRILL JHONNY runs after theBUDEIE, theMELK in theSPANN goes around so fast that it turns into theFLØTE. Kiss to theJORDBÆR from heaven.


STOREBJØRN is mad as hell. Someone stole his TEMPO last night. He has theFOLDEKNIV in his right hand. APRILL JHONNY mentions something about theDANSEBAND that played at theLOKALET.


Movements according to certain rules with high knees to make the movement more free. In the end STOREBJØRN gives up. HARRY KRISHNA continues to dance the Ballalajka.


Home of theLAFTE and other prehistoric things of great value. Italians love it.




APRILL JHONNY buys theLODD at the beginning of theMØTE and thinks of nothing else till theFRUKTKURVEN is carried out by STOREBJØRN.


Water that falls into theVANN at high speed. When in the nature of Norway be sure to enjoy a FOSSEFALL before the social democrats put it in a tube.


Then BELLONA moved in and went to Zurich with the pop band and bought an electric BIL.


The thing that fits well in theTØMMERHUS. Inside, your BESTEMOR keeps all the stuff from her wedding. In the right drawer is theSMØRBUKK.


Something that makes your heart smile when you have it inside your body. Outside we must always fight for it.


When the wall is done, you do not have to pay him. If he argues, tell him to STAMPE his extra ring. Together around theSTORE BORD in theHEMMELIGHET you thought existed only between you and your BAMSE. What about the monopoly?


"River deep mountain high," she sang, not knowing that the eggs APRILL JHONNY brought down in theTRYGGE HENDER to her had the most beautiful patterns. Then he had to climb up again with them. She said that she loved theFUGLER most and would never take anything from her friends.


Never dreamed of being so well taken care of by a real PRINSESSE. Then she tells you to lie on your back. You say "What?" You were inside theEVENTYR.


Kiss from theNATUR every spring. DRYPP, DRYPP from theTAKSKJEGG.


"Det må væra heilt klart at nyhetane ikkje bør koma i konflikt med dei nye retningslinjane for programstyrt TV".


Very good food combination which makes you eat until you lie flat on the floor. Red wine with it. Then you eat more and go to sleep. Tastes even better theNESTE DAG.


Higher than HIMMELBJERGET. TO-FIRE-SEKS-? With or without theSNØ.


I am trying to find myself. Still trying after twenty years. Then he started to play Elvis behind theBUSK where we only find a lonely woman sleeping.


The smell of real hell is SAMLET in this cheese. Wonder why people eat it. Then later at the breakfast table the smallest in the family could not sit still. Someone had put theGAMMELOST under the table.


The home of theDYR and theFOLK reading Jean Paul Sartre every night before going to sleep. Beats Disney World with the sport HOPPE I HØYET.


Stays under thePØLSE in theMATPAKKE. A natural companion through early life. When grown up you can decide whether to eat it or not. APRILL JHONNY took it to Rome, a real one. They ate it with the pasta.


Do not say that. Someone who stays inside his house thinking about how many KRONER he is saving. But he can be driven over by a car in the street.


Used to sleep and eat together with theSAU. Nowadays theSAUEBONDE is so lazy that he shoots theBAMSE instead of looking after his dear herd.


Not Karl. But yourself if it is not raining.


Makes you ready for the 007 swing when going home to theHYTTE in the middle of the night on theHOLKA.


Sometimes the conception of where the border between things goes leads to theTVIST, and this TVIST is done by a couple, with nice slow dance music in the air. Or you can eat it. Specially those with coconuts. Never fear or fail, be fast, grab it!


Painter of natural LYD. APRILL JHONNY used to have only one record, theMORGEN-STEMNING.


HARRY KRISHNA's cottage looks like one after STOREBJØRN has done the cleaning. And maybe your GUTTEROM did once in a while too.


A time where things are rather difficult in connection with theINDRE MARKED. Will thePOTETER stop growing if she gets her way?


When home alone with theHJEMMELEKSER, STOREBJØRN does theGRUBLE when trying to solve theBRØK. Later, he will go up to APRILL JHONNY to see if he has the solution.


If you look deep into it you might find the answers. The gathering point of your family 250 years back. Today theVARME has been exchanged for theFJERNSYN. TheTANNLEGE also knows this word well.


The real VEI, which brings you through the true Norwegian landscape. The road to the home of the wild ones. 


Your first HJEM, inside the others. Best universe. Have you ever been able to approach it since?


Mother of theFORFATTERE. Brother to Asche-houg. KULTUR on the piazza. The only one.


Used to be a hit. Nowadays it looks like theSØPPELHAUG. Better to have streets with cars.


Not a karate kick, but a kick performed by the friends of APRILL JHONNY, eager to show off in theLOKALET. It consists of a kick you make very airy and at the same time try to SPARKE off a hat on a stick.


You are in love. Maybe she will be on tonight too. She plays some music before she says goodnight.


Done between two people trying to see which one of them is going to meet STOREBJØRN who is waiting outside for some action.


As you get older you change from theVOTT to theHANSKE. Don`t throw it away before you have to. Napoleon might be around the corner.


Your grandmother does it while telling you stories about what went wrong when she was too young.


The object which sits on top of car drivers who cruise in the fast lane at 20 kms per hour.


Best friend of Carl Marx. Made das KAPITAL into a magazine of big business by theAVSLØRING of the other rich. One of the few people in Norway who admits that he makes money. Tells us about which deals to make instead of investing in theLOTTO.


Shot of love from the black magic woman.


Longer than thePOLKØ on Saturdays too. Don't change your heart baby, stay this time.


Waiting for theBUSSRUTA by theMELKE-RAMPE you have theHENDA I LOMMA. You are on your way to ROMA.


APRILL JHONNY, HARRY KRISHNA and STOREBJØRN have decided to play Tarzan this afternoon.


Long hiding place of grass for small kids that found the tiny FROSK.


Father of KONTIKI, RA, TIGRIS and thePÅSKEØYA. Went back in time to find the meaning of it all. Man of vision and insight, quite rarely seen.


Sound and movement which you cannot control. Best cure is to have theHODE upside down and drink theVANN. Then it is silent.


Skater of high quality. He moved us at theBISLET competing with late KING OLAV on theVEKSLINGSSIDE about the title KONG GLAD. ARTIGPER's father shouted in 1952.


Something normally taken care of by OBOS. Otherwise it is the real one, located in theLIA, alone against nature, alone in the dark, but with a warm heart. The best door to knock on when GÅTT VILL..


Best stuff to be around when the winter gets hard, and it's time to brew theKAFFE. No one ever talks about it. "Don't mention the war" syndrome. Why? No-one gets hurt.


You cannot see anything at all, but the commentator tells you that he has landed. On your way home someone tells you that he came from theFINLAND. Or theHIMMEL is blue and theJOHAN SÆTRE is the last one out in the second OMGANG.


One man can be bigger than the other. But HOLST is bigger than OL. Best job done since NANSEN.


Music that does not suit theRADIO too well, but a "must" when theDRILL girls swing their sticks.


Over half of the population of Norway live by the sea and half of this crowd are men looking at theHORISONT. They are thinking "Out there is the place where I should be. The lost love, the jackpot, the stolen car."


Seen only in theMYSTISKE light midnight where she tries to seduce you down under theMYR.


The place where KOLBJØRN STERKE did theSLAG which transformed Norway from theHEDENDOM to Christianity. What would have happened if he had missed?


Fastest way between theVANN and theTORSK where a guy came on board with four chairs and a table and said."NU HAR Æ FLØTTA UT." A few stops further down the lovely coast he took his belongings after exchanging the dessert into a brandy, claiming he was on a DIETT. Then it moves close to theLOFOT-VEGGEN. The nature, which is very often seen for the first time by the tourist, is unbelievable. "God must have created this part of the universe."


Rumours are spread around that the father of STOREBJØRN never wanted to exchange his LÅVE with theFERDIGHUS, but since theHUSBANK was so FIRKANTA he had no VIRKELIG choice.


The only shop in OSLO which sold KLÆR when theSELBUMØNSTER was on the way up, and we could not find more reasons to write about this subject now.


The others' pet. To be or not to be a whale, the difference is bloody simple. TheOPERA diva. The infamous whale de Norvége. Where is his stage? Milan or Paris. Does our hero attend the Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent shows?


Book which tells you nothing new. Repeated every year. Lucky you bought this one instead.


If you don't know - this is the place to meet him or her. All of a sudden two SOVEPOSER turned into one. They were smiling at each other next morning when skiing downhill to SPITERSTULEN.


The father sleeps. The kids play Nintendo in the basement and mother takes theSOL. No-one seems to be bothered by the new HEIS.


STOREBJØRN tells about his latest action at theLOKALET. Or the sound heard between him and HARRY KRISHNA when they argued about who was theTØFFESTE in theBYGD.


What would have happened if he managed to HOLDE SEG PÅ BEINA in theANDRE OMGANG?


You are out playing football with theGUTTA. TheEKSAMENSBEVIS lies on theKJØKKEN-BORD. Only one NG this year, so you hope your father will be theIMPONERT when he sees it.




Up and down theOPPGANGER. A nice old woman smiles when you say that you are from theSKOLEKORPS - or was it theREDD BARNA?


APRILL JHONNY's pen friend writes and asks whether or not they walk in the streets. APRILL JHONNY writes back and tell him that if you can't beat them, join them. Luckily there are no SAUER on SVALBARD, so there is a good chance for theISBJØRN to stay alive.


Somewhere there are still fragments of the real creation of theJORD. Wonder how it was to hang around when theISBREER were moving about. Watch out for theKLØFT. In the news-papers every year there are stories about people who have spent numerous hours down there.


When APRILL JHONNY asks theBUDEIE to come along with him she says: ITTE NÅ, this meaning no! Or the child says ITTE SANT, this meaning right!


The secret chef's kitchen where the soup of theUNDERVERDEN is cooked with the next season's weather.


The home of the potatoes and theKU-MØKK. The place where life sometimes is so difficult to live.


TheVIDDA to be on when in the mood for getting closer to the essentials and theMOSE.


When in the home of theTORSK, you can play a trick and end up with a FANGST.


Your father knows the right techniqe to get a good FILET. You sit and watch and the nearest you come to theFILET is something that looks closer to theGRAUT. The taste is the same though. Next time you are satisfied with only cutting the head off.


APRILL JHONNY managed to enter theBUDEIE's home and eat her cake without her noticing him doing it.


The very milk pression du MELK, to be located under the cow and it grows bigger in proportion to the milk production. When theKU does theRAUT it is very often because theJUR is full. Then it is time for theBUDEIE to take action.

TheJUR 2

Can also be found in front of theBUDEIE. Don`t touch them without permission, and watch out for APRILL JHONNY.


Old sailor chewing theSKRÅTOBAKK and telling us about when he climbed theRIGG in theUVÆR with another man hanging from his feet.


Then it landed at theGARDERMOEN. All of a sudden theSTORE VERDEN was brought home for real. No television. Maybe we can see the CNN van in the street.


Norway's main PARADEGATE. But does it have to look as if it is a GATEKJØKKEN? What would theSVENSKE say about that?


Not even theBUDEIE likes this. But APRILL JHONNY's father says that this is the closest you can get to the essence of life as it was before. He says that theKEFIR is a cultural OVERBRINGER.


Makes the winter seem shorter when going downhill on this waiting to get inside theHYTTE after you had swung around theGRANTRE.


You put theBAMSE, theSPILL and theTREHJULSYKKEL on top. You have finally decided to move away from home. Then you wake up. It was only a dream.


Wise old woman, singing songs to the Norwegian children with wisdom and insight. The very best. She knows everything about the making of butter from milk and the making of a real HJEM.


Your best friend when he takes 52% of theCOLA you bought together. Only the funniest explanation will do when you are theKJIP to your good friend, who has done everything for you.


One evening she will sit down by thePEIS, and sing this song for you. The sound that APRILL JHONNY has in his head when thinking of theBUDEIE.


Home of theMELK, theKOTELETT and butter. Mother's safe, or theUNGKAR's empty container. Father's bad conscience (he forgot to buy bread again). And heaven for children when they find theBRUS at midnight when they cannot sleep.


Maybe the new KARRIERE is to start KLIMPRING on a GITAR, do some TIVOLI, be in good society with hugs for theSKIGUTTA along the way, and drive old SVENSKE BILER fast.


Then it is thePÅSKE and you and your family are on theVIDDA. The sun is shining and you have theKLISTER under theSKI. STOREBJØRN is coming downhill on a plastic SKLIBRETT.


Tells you the time when it's too late to start the way back when on theVIDDA. ThePLUKKING of theTYTTEBÆR has taken too long. The experience when small - to learn to tell the time yourself and be able to answer when the old woman in the street asks what time it is. TheKLOKKE and theSKOLISSE.


She does theKLYPE in your ROMPEBAK. Then you wake up, you were dreaming about theMAUR.


When theVÅR is back these are the inspiration to carry on theLIV, which was never meant to be anything but MORO.


Together with theNIKKERS this makes you look very theTROVERDIG. Politicians also try this trick in theVALGKAMP.


After theSKITUR everybody is told to sit down by the fire when this drink is served together with theEVENTYR.


If more than four houses, this is a solid fundament for theKOMMUNE. Your mother is theVARAMANN when your father is abroad.


If he went to theGYMNAS he would have been expelled long ago for not being theTILSTEDE.


The best man at the back is BORTE. Your appearance in theTRIKK was more relaxed before, when theKONDUKTØR was in control.


A small place where small children make their very first movements in life. An action without knowing what the end might bring. Maybe theKU is there in theKRABBEFELT as well, disturbing all the cars on their way back home.


You have forgotten where it was. Then theVANN moves and you can see it. On the way back home you think about it one more time.


A political party most concerned with preventing theNYTELSE.


So many nice looking BUDEIER in one room are seldom found elsewhere. Å HERREMINHATT.


A chair which comes from theSKOG. You are really seated when in one of these on your BESTEFAR's lap.


Silent money.


Enemy no.1. Usually they stay quietly under theHUD till the day after you have met your young love. But maybe she has theKVISE too.


When answering the 40,000 KRONER question your classmate from theFOLKESKOLE got theJERNTEPPE and had to leave with flowers and theLEKSIKON.


Started out by moving us with her voice. Then she grew older too and the readers of SE & HØR were shocked when she entered theVIRKELIGE LIV.


Looks so fresh and natural. Bring a few when wanting to impress theBUDEIE. Or a suitable name for someone who avoids life.


A technique everyone talks about. No-one uses it. Construction of theTØMMERHUS which the father of APRILL JHONNY says he could handle in his youth. Life does not only exist in a camp in India but also at theFOLKE-MUSEUM. Stone by stone. We had it.


You did not know but are not surprised when they told you that the guy next to you was a chairman from America flown in by theHELIKOPTER. But why was he constantly on the phone? TheLAKS does not know this line.


One day she called and told you it was over. You had nothing to do but take a cold dip in theFOSS. Then you saw them on the way down.


The oil platform of thePOTETER.


STOREBJØRN has brought five BOKSER with him on theHYTTETUR. HARRY KRISHNA is later sent down to theLANDHANDLERI to see if the girl at theKASSA-APPARAT was just as pretty as everybody thought.


Then it is Christmas. The end of theGRIS turned into this SYLTE and LEFSE. Made by the mother of theBUDEIE.


The place to live is theLIA. Everybody lived in theLIA before. Now they live in theBORETTS-LAG. Where is GUDBRAND?


Where is that?


Nice old instrument for theSLÅTT. Watch out if you meet theMANNEN with it.


Old men with theSKIFTENØKKEL in BAKLOMMA longing back to the days before theDATAMASKIN. Friends of AP.


TheVAFFELRØRE news. Less concerned about theMORD.


In modern times not only should theMOR put theLOKK over things, but theBUDEIE sings one. It has become fancy for architects and planners to put it over roads and railway lines.


Makes the world turn around when in the games. Oh baby, light my fire.


A thing you use when the winter gets too hard, when the snow is blowing around your ears like a storm. Also frequently used on Sundays when doing the business of skiing. The Norwegian ALPELUE - not pretending to be an intellectual, but good at skiing.


The best reason to get drunk when eating this is to blame the fish itself. It's not your fault that you had to drink. It had to be so. Americans sometimes have diet COLA with it.


The last stop made you dizzy beyond measure. When you turn around with theBRETT at ULLEVÅLSÆTER you think about the nice part home - only downhill, time to rest.


Over one million watch this every LØRDAG, saying to themselves that this was not so bad. Then they read the ratings in the newspaper by theANMELDER.


A track in the snow which is created by two wooden sticks with theTUPP in front which makes their movement on top of theSNØ possible. Then somebody screams "LØYPE," and you have to dive into the nearest GRANTRE in order not to be driven down by this maniac wearing something that looks like PØLSESKINN.


Main vein through the Norwegian DAL.


Cannot find theTO BLÅ and the red BRIKKE to theLUDO. Confusion is caused when using the same colour. Also a famous film production company.


This method of theFISKE is created by using a very small snake as theGULROT for theFISK. TheFISK is happy until he is on theKROKEN. People also get caught on theKROKEN. Not funny. Shit happens.


Today's paradise for the clowns wanting to give what they think theFOLK want. ARTIGPER dreams about being something in theMEDIA when he stands on a STOL in HARRY KRISHNA's cabin pretending he is DAN BØRGE.


Can either mean something that brings you into theKLUBBLAG, or the thing which brought you in theSØKELYS when the soon-to- be mentioned MØBELHANDLER moved into the picture.


The place where theBUDEIE goes every Friday with this week's savings and says "Goodbye for now. I have to take care of my best friends." Now NEDLAGT because of theSENTRALISERING I LANDBRUKET.


Where boys meet and theBUDEIE puts down this week's milk production. Then she returns home to her best friends and says goodbye with shining eyes.


Your mother when she says "No. You have to wear theSLAGSTØVLER." Wife to the horse.


TheSOMMERLAMPE, the genuine sun. Only to be found up north during long summer nights. Makes the locals go crazy. A good incentive for making the next generation. Summer lamp - the source that makes it worth going through the dark.


The latest trend, just as if it has never existed. When the left started to give up their ideals, they focussed on theMILJØ instead, in order to take attention away from theSAKA. TORBJØRN BERNTSEN moves his arms as if he was a SINNA ITALIENER, calls people theDRITTSEKK, and is known as theLEPPA.


When theLÆRER asks why you were not in theGYMTIME Monday morning half past seven, you say it was a MISFORSTÅELSE between you and theBUSSJÅFØR earlier that morning.


Group of people using each others' bodies in order to get to the top.


You cannot imagine a morning without it. Gets you ready for the day's action. "GO'MOREN," she says from theBERGEN and brings you theKAFFE when it is raining outside.


The bed. The very best place to relax your back on your walk through the forest. Not even the most fancy engineer-made MADRASS can ever match theMOSE bed quality.


After trying to play it the whole afternoon, ARTIGPER gives up. His teeth hurt.


May be one of the smallest animals to be found in the Norwegian fauna. It's talked about a lot during summertime. A getting-in-touch-with-each-other generator, since theFOLK tend to hit each other when they see a MYGG on the other's body. Tiny little Dracula.


The home of theMYGG. A place to sink into. The Norwegian opening in the earth to the underground.


Home of all theNRK FOLK, fishermen and theMØBELSNEKKER families. Windy place with windy people.


With one eye on you and the other one on theTORSK under theVANN, he is good to have around. Then he makes a lot of noise. Better than NÆRADIO though.


He has a new car, and you sit frustrated in front of theDAGSREVYEN. You hear loud music and laughter, bang your fist on the wall. He gets mad, the fence in theHAGE is again the subject of intense argument. Then it is silent.


Believing theEVENTYR when out in theVIRKELIGE VERDEN. Should have had more of that - more fun. Then it comes to life. Ask APRILL JHONNY.


The Norwegian guy of knowledge and strength who was bigger than the establishment could expect. TREHOLT also went to Moscow.


When looking for theTORSK, you sit and watch the sky, then all of a sudden it says "HELLO." A connection between two worlds is made through this line. It cannot be made cellularly.


Better than your own since it survives with an UNDERSKUDD each year.


Holy Jesus, how good it was when they movedaround and watched Norway from afar. Good paintings too.


Watch out for theNEDOVERBAKKE in your existence. They might be dangerous, even though they are good fun in the middle of the curve.


When inside theSTUE, STOREBJØRN felt that theNEGLER were no longer with him. He turned on theVARMTVANN and got a totally unfamiliar feeling. Good and bad at the same time.


ANNE with the gun. EF wears theSKUDD-SIKKER VEST.


The movement made by doing theKNEKNEKK. Small children look nice when they do it in front of a visitor.


Lies in theDAL with the beautiful name HALLINGDAL, where cars drive fast on their way to theGEILO where they think that the world is concentrated this PÅSKE. But you see the same faces at the after-ski as you do in theBOGSTADVEIEN, and you consider moving somewhere else next season. Coldest place in the wintertime in the life of STOREBJØRN, who happens to have an uncle there.


A condition which brings you very close to the things you wait for. Then you say NESTEN. Maybe you had a touch of it, maybe you held her hand.


Group of people who were never trained as FALLSKJERMJEGERE in the army.


Best outfit for eating theBOLLE at KIKUTSTUA.


TheFJØS conductor's hat. Red.


TheAKERSGATA matchmaker. You can meet the one who never told you anything about theVIDDA in her life until you lit the candle and theRØDVIN was on the table.


When the man above also wants to wave, he sends these heavenly backdrops over the sky.


The modern FJØS. Where the digs into theUNDERVERDEN bring us theKØ at ELKJØP.


Many people spend hours in theNORD-MARKA looking back on their life which was never meant to be so far away from nature. Where is the border between things when standing at KATNOSA? And theTODDY is back in your life again. The shortest way to Norway from OSLO. Walking home in theREGN you think about theKAFFE you will have when home in theSTUA.


The real Norwegian religion. Should be more alive and kicking than it really is today in the times of theKUTTISME.


The one from VESTLANDET who was also dragged away by theHÅP. Wife with theBLÅTT hair. Lovely my home country Norway is. HURRA!


Not theVIKINGS this time but APRILL JHONNY.


Stay alone, avoid life. Be happy, go LANGRENN.


Brings all the week's latest action directly from theVIRKELIGE Norway on to your TV screen every Friday.


Mother of theFJERNSYN. They make everything they say sound as if it was nothing but the truth. Way back, a DYTT could make a picture clearer. TheGODTEPOSE was in a strategic position and the family happy in front of it. What happened? Where did your heart go?


USTAOSET and HJUKSEBØ, VEGÅRDSHEI and GLOM, destinations with honour and glory. It is raining outside and your TANTE will meet you at theBØ. You are on your way to theFOLKEHØGSKOLE.


-. - -...


"KVI TORDE HU GREIP KATTI". Much more poetic than theBOKMÅL.


The sound under your feet is different when walking home from the party late at night. You do not recognise what it is, before she says "NYSNØ."


When this thing is gone, you do not feel anything at all. All of a sudden it's back, then you forget all the lonely times you spent by yourself. Maybe it was worth it. TheTO.


For your noise only. Who do they think they are? Welcome to FLATLAND and theRIMI1000. Goodbye or Goodnight.


What's that?


The thing that keeps Norway running nowadays. Makes theOL possible - and theSØPPELTØMMER.


HARRY KRISHNA comes home from theSTORE VERDEN and tells his SAM-BYGDINGER all the things which they do not know about at all.


Should have been theGULLGRUVE but the jolly good LAKS are better when outside theGATT.


It is theSKOLEAVSLUTTNING and you wait SVETT and nervous in the wings. You are supposed to be theBORGERMESTER this year.


The notion that you can get paid from theSTAT to have theKUER which produce too much MELK might be right. But the more interesting thing is that when you are in theSTORTING you can in fact decide theSTØRRELSE of your wallet yourself if you have only a small HAGE outside.


Someone who makes the other language invisible.


When theMØBELHANDLER moved into the picture, you really had to watch out. Tapes and notes all over the place.


Does not dress in the most expensive suits. How dare he smile when trying to answer the question from four different angles.


Means someone who has more time for theANDRE than himself. HEIA DJERV 1919.


Either something which is not so nice, or the place you most wanted to go in theMAO era. Make sure that it is pronounced right when talking about it in theNYNORSK: BEIJUNG.


A word you can use about someone who moves you by her appearance, and at the same time is nice inside. Then she is thePEN for real. TheBUDEIE is PEN in her heart.


Problem anyhow - too much, too little. Better with theTIØRE.


TheLINE goes under theIS and looks for theFISK. Then a connection between our world and the one under theIS is established.


Something that should have been MAKULERT long ago.


Ice cold vodka never tastes so good when it is called a PINNE. In theSKOG there are a lot of thePINNER on the ground which have fallen from the sky if they are small enough. But sometimes this PINNE is edible if it is surrounded by theKJØTT.


The best food a mother can prepare when theTØMMERMENN come home from work.


Drives around in cars, and gets less warm by the minute. When it arrives it is too often too late. Norway's national dish. What about theKJØTTKAKER?


When you have been in theVANN too long, your mother puts it around you. Only the sound of theHAKKE TENNER is heard.


Divides theJORD in two on a more comprehensive level than Moses did. Back in theUTHUS it gives off the smell of the natural LIV. ROSE runs over the floor after a mouse.


TheMOR goes first in the line of theFAMILIE on their trip to theSKOG trying to fill up the freezer. But you do theVELTE SPANNET before you manage to do theSKJULE BUNNEN.


Ask FRIDTJOF ANDERSSON to come and join the party. STOREBJØRN and APRILL JHONNY will also hang around looking for some action when in the mood for pushing two or three BYGUTTER in theVANN.


Would not recommend CASINO watching to get it. Buy a ship instead, and join the real ones - HANSEN, OLSEN etc.


Had a real life before the pasta. Best friend of theTORSK. Not so nice when your haircut looks like a POTET. Or when there are too many left on your plate.


Holiday used for reflection when the mother is away on theSPRÅKKURS. You do wonder why she is so eager to learn theGRESK.


Moves slowly through theVANN. Your left arm is constantly busy with theØSEKAR. The sun is shining and everybody is happy. A floating wonder.


TheSKOG's kitchen for making theSUPPE when you had no luck with theFISKE today. Lie down and read HAMSUN.


Someone who is trying to move theBERG. After a while he goes to the shrink as theUTBRENT.


The guy from theEVENTYR. Just wait until he comes and wakes you up. Party time.


Better and bigger than ABBA. Tomorrow, tomorrow - theFARGESTIFTER.


The place to have theRAST. Father is happy and he never stops his stupid smiling when sitting there in front of all the cars in his shorts.


Join the party, buy a ship. Get nice caps from KNS and flags from Africa.


The one who cruises along theFJORD looking after the man who was never seen after last night when he vanished in the tiny ROBÅT. So nice and near in the storm of theVANN in the home of theTORSK. Looks after you when on floating ground. Maybe your grandmother was a REDNINGSSKØYTE too.


Most often found in theBERGEN. Nicest sound the roof can give. Tip-tap, where is my hat. When it stops the air is fresh and clean. Existence has been given a new dimension. Better stay inside and play cards.


A fish which has been to the golden end, and so has been touched by the man above.


Either something which you'd rather be without in the front of your teeth or something that thePOLITIKER thinks must be in your way when you want to build something.


Majestic land owners. Too much moonshine causes red noses.


A movement towards something else which for a period of time sounds better, and makes theHVERDAG take a rest. You say that this is theLIV. Everyone nods shyly to each other in theBUSS when coming closer to theHJEM. It feels good to be home again.


When he said that he was in the shower seven times a day, I understood that he was theREN. The Japanese I had met some hours before started to tell me interesting things about theLIV.


STOREBJØRN called theHEDEMARKING and said that he could not take this any longer.


The car maker from the secret FJELLVEI who could have been with the Ferraris and Lamborghinis in Monte Carlo.


TheSKILSMISSE very often leads to a second round using theKRAFT you thought had gone for ever.


When paying 39% in theLIA you get 5,500 back if you do not have a FIRMABIL.


When the birds have finished their beautiful KJÆRLIGHETSANG to theLIV, theRINGE-KLOKKE starts to sing its love song. Didn`t he know that it was over?


The one that stayed in theBEKK along with theKJERRING and did not manage to pull through.


Can be located in the arms of APRILL JHONNY. He has twenty roses for his KJÆRLIGHET. His cat has this name.


On the wall or on theFRAMSKAP. A type of paint which resembles the paint Donald Duck uses when he paints his wallpaper. Dip the brush in the paint, use it as if you were doing a flat surface, et voilà - roses appear from nowhere. The best painting that brings nature to the wall. In front, BESTEFAR sits and sips his pipe. APRILL JHONNY is out, ROSE is in. Flowers.


Trademark from the lip of SPUTNIK. Also a special made by HARRY KRISHNA's brother at theCLUB7.


Blue or red thing which comes with theVÅR and lives a short but happy life. With his first business card he states that his bla bla bla.


In the fifties people used to jump every Sunday. Jumping was just as common as downhill skiing, and the style was most important. The approach to the ground, theNEDSLAG, gave the score three times twenty. There were three brothers who set off to prepare for a dive through the sky, just as elegant as ballet dancers.


Rumours spread around like a hurricane. FØRDE is leaving his office next week. (SIGAR smoke in the air), he wants to join the...(more SIGAR smoke in the air), but he will not do it because there is no timing involved in theNYHEITAR, (more SIGAR smoke in the air.)


When you eat this, you are not a child but close to what you believe is Norway.


Wooden city where theFALKBERGET has written about the condition theLIV had when the things did not rely on such stupid things as theLOTTO or TV pizza.


6-0 is RÅTT.


She only laughed when you mentioned something about you and KOLBEIN STERKE. SNORRE is applauding in the background. So far so good. In the end you will have her and theHALVE KONGERIKE.


A very useful instrument that can cut theBÅND in order to open up a new BRO or VEI. The guy that cuts theBÅND never did any of the job, and he always look a bit funny when he smiles to the camera.


The sound that can be heard in the background when the music stops. Someone was in the room next to you pretending to be a DIVA.


Lying flat watching theHORISONT, you dream about the big one cruising over to the new land with you and theKAPTEIN, the French woman and the sunset.


The pattern that fits theGENSER best.


It can be the event for meeting your boss's wife. Everybody has strange ties. HURRA!


A subject which creates thunder in your head every year. You had almost finished with theJUL, it is dark and cold outside, then you have to turn yourself in.


Something which can happen in your head when someone asks you if you could be so good as to take her home. Then what will happen in front of theDØR? Also a SELVFØLGE.


A feeling which is good when the tough get going. Also what the guys at theLOKALET have when they move around as if they were theKONGE.


TheBY is dark, no one around. The feeling of being in the unknown makes it like an EVENTYR. For the first time you will be the last one to get home. Your father bangs a couple of theKLESHENGERE on the wall and asks you where you were last night and with whom. You shrug and say "INGENTING and with theANDRE."


Makes it possible to leave the toilet in the middle of the smoking party. GRETE, your boss's wife had it in her hand when theGLIDELÅS went mad.


Stays under and gives taste to theGEITOST every lunch. Then ROSE takes the rest.


The mother is looking at the horizon when the father is way off in theSJARK. TheKVOTE is on radio. How many are there left after theFABRIKKTRÅLER has swept through theHAV?


When only doing the 500 METER, you must stay close to theSNØKANT in order to maintain the impetus gained before you enter the last curve.


When summer is ending, it's too late to think about all the time you wasted being SJALU. It was only theSOMMERFORELSKELSE. No cure can be found but to move closer to the sound you hear when thinking about something else.


Biggest movie star ever. Or it floats on top of theVANN with people in it fishing theTORSK. The Japanese next to you tries to eat it raw.


Can either be inside or outside theLOKALET. You tell yourself that you must borrow your father's car next time.


An object which is on theVANN. BESTEFAR sits in the middle in his straw hat. It is quite clear that theFISK will taste good when home from this early morning trip.


You when small after stealing theTIØRE from theFRAKK in the corridor. Wanted theKARAMELL so much.


If you cannot find theBUDEIE anywhere else, she is most probably located on theSKAMMEL. God created woman, and thereby gave us MELK.


APRILL JHONNY manages to stay on top. STOREBJØRN goes directly through. HARRY KRISHNA is by theHYTTEVEGGEN with his books. The evenings are spent discussing theLIV which can also be a SKARE.


When it was located on theSJØRØVERØYA it was better. The dream about it, located somewhere. Jungle. SELVANGIVELSE? Not me - I am hanging in a tree.


The big timers are on theVIDDA. No hunters are out today. More crowded in theLIA. Pays 39%.


Can be the creator of an unexpected leap through the sky which brings theSNØ into the home of theSTIL-LONGS.


The borders between the different areas of theKU and the different landowners of grass and stone. You cannot live without it. It lasts forever.


Something that takes people to the top. It is theopposite of theKARRIERE, more difficult to get down. Must be good anyway.


Movement on theVIDDA or in theNORD-MARKA if close to theOSLO. Then you make a stop and say "How nice," and repeat this several times as if it was the first, nearly just as surprised each time. Later it is time for theAPPELSIN. Also good to-be-theALENE therapy, you think. 


Not so dangerous in theBARNEHAGE as it can be in theLIV.


Vertical colums with GRENER and BLADER. Gives us shade, gives us TØMMER that float and makes it possible to build wooden houses. A place to run away to. Go to SKOGS! The Norwegian wood was made international by the Beatles. The fabulous four at last mentioned us!


The very first REISE on your own in life. One day you have to make it by yourself. Then you start to stroll the streets with name and numbers as if you were the king.


The closest you can get to being a real MILLIONÆR at a cost of only 20 KRONER. Then there was only one number that was wrong.


HARRY KRISHNA when he comes back from theSTORE VERDEN, or your neighbour talking about his new Mazda 303.


It can either mean a floating object you can be in if you want to catch theTORSK, or you can use it as a SKO in order to move across theIS fast.


Turns theGRAUT, or the thing STOREBJØRN does when doing his MATTE homework.


CD player with theEVENTYR of BESTEFAR. You did not believe what he told you about meeting your BESTEMOR theFØRSTE GANG.


TheKJOLE your father uses after theMORGEN-BAD. Always remember to measure theTEMPERATUR.


Everybody get ready, stamp your feet. It's time to do business with your uncle.


Not the most fancy French uptown restaurant can come up with a more splendid delicatesse than this. Then you go crazy if you eat it.


Where dogs bark, and the place where you try to do theKYSS. Someone screams and you are happy.


Hot lips she has. The way she moves makes you shiver. Then she orders DOBBEL MED RÅ LØK FIRE GANGER.


Once APRILL JHONNY thought about theEVENTYR when in theLANDHANDLERI and bought theLETT instead. When he got home, his mother put him under theHUS-ARREST.


Someone in ARTIGPER's family comes from a SMÅBRUK. One Sunday he drives up and down different GRUSVEIER, but he is unable to locate it. It rains, and he thinks about how it was to live back in time.


To go for the things you can buy five times over pretending you can hardly afford them. TheSE DUMT UT.


Fishing equipment, or your aunt's mouth when she saw you spilling theKAKAOKOPP over her silk cushions.


White thing that comes from the sky in wintertime, gives the surface of things a white carpet. The small Norwegian children make snowballs out of it and throw them at each other. It makes the sport of LANGRENN possible, makes theVIDDA look fresh and clean, makes the crossings of reindeer visible, makes Christmas white.


In the old days BESTEMOR gave you only socks and things like that for Christmas. Nowadays frequently used by bank robbers in order to get their bills paid.


To the left lives Hansen. He is nice. No rain today. It moves you if you are up with the birds.


TheSOL sometimes sings too loud, then you get this SOLSTIKK. Better stay inside and play cards. Or LUDO.


Something that is better without an end. A period of joy and pleasure. KRABBE, SOLSTIKK, swimming, screaming.


Home of theMELK. TheBUDEIE's suitcase.


With APRILL JHONNY in front, STOREBJØRN moves down theLIA I HUNDRE.


Something that sends yourself back to you. If you move your left arm, your right arm moves, then you learn it. Mirror, mirror, who is the prettiest BUDEIE around? Never ask her this question. Too honest.


Group of violin players doing theTRAMPE TAKTEN together. APRILL JHONNY and STOREBJØRN are the first ones on the dance floor.


The seven sacred numbers you think are on your side at 6 p.m. on LØRDAG. Chances are minimal. Better try to win in theLIV.


This book.


A house of food from the times before theFRYSER. TheBONDEJENTE and theFENA-LÅR inside. You outside. TheKRYPE underneath.


She knows how to speak the Norwegian SPRÅK.


If you lose it when ski-ing you might get remembered, or people try to remember where they were when you lost it. Since when was this important? If you gather many STAVER you can build theSTAVKIRKE. Much more important. Also taken care of by KJERRINGA.


The best thing a mother can prepare for Christmas. While the children run around all over the house, theSTEIKA stays quietly in the oven, waiting to get ready for the party. Once APRILL JHONNY got knocked down outside theLOKALET by theSTEIKA. Well he survived, our hero.


The best fence in the world. Comes from nature. It does not give the impression of being in theVEIEN for your actions.


The place APRILL JHONNY spends his moody periods, thinking "Why doesn't she say yes!"


In the too big BUSSERULL and theSMIL, thePOLITIKER is standing at theTORG in front of four listeners. Does his best. Better luck next time.


The most beautiful sound which comes out of theKJERRING.


A fire lit by APRILL JHONNY and his friends in theFJÆRA. They burn their fingers when doing thePØLSE grill. Someone forgot to buy ketchup, and life is lovely.


Brings you to the secret part of theSKOG where she says "Yes." Also theMOTORVEI of theREV when he is not doing this RASKE stuff over the ice.


The stakes were getting higher when theFEMØRE was deleted. Makes the young ones ready for Las Vegas. MYNT!


Makes the roof of theJORD visible. Must be on theVIDDA to touch them.


Something you sit down on when too tired. You have been playing with theKATT the whole day long. APRILL JHONNY is out. Normally it has four legs, just like theKU.


Very funny game. Eight chairs, nine boys and girls, music. Music stops, grab a chair, and one person is out.


Family party with theBRUNDTLANDS and the rest, where theSTOLLEKEN gives more TABU-RETTER. Well well well.


TheSTEMME is not ready before theKLOSS-MAJORER have decided whether or not to have theOMVALG. In the end you do wonder if we should have voted for that too.


Either handicraft or a challenge to jump.


Best friend of your MUSKLER. Then in the morning you cannot move. Someone else has to go out for theVANN. In summer it also means theBUDEIE's home.


You do not understand why, but the teacher is theSUR when you say that theFANTASI is more important than theÅRSTALL. Yippee.


Well, another task for MR.TORBJØRN BERNTSEN. He should have contacts in London.


Lovely memories, maybe from childhood when running as fast as you can over theBERG and theRULLESTENER. Then finding theGROP which was made especially for you by theIS some thousand years earlier. And theSOL has warmed up this long-planned bed for you.


The place between inside & outside where APRILL JHONNY spends the Saturday afternoons thinking out new strategies for catching theBUDEIE. TheFELA plays at theTUN below.


Swept over Norway and left us in theMØRKE. Today another evil does theLURKE around.


A material which is unwearable. So it fits theBRØDSKIVE better than the woman from Paris.


APRILL JHONNY returned empty-handed from theARBEIDSKONTOR when he realised that theJOBB was no longer in existence since theSYSSELSETTING was demolished in the wake of the new KOMMUNESTYRE. They did not take any more chances on outsiders showing up in a fancy car promising 68 ARBEIDSPLASSER.


Favourite day for those who love PØLSE, IS and music in the street. TheKONGE is great when he waves from his balcony. Longest day of the year.


Someone who wears these boots is in trouble when trying to break the rules of theLIV.


When theBUDEIE wants to rest she brings the little ones to the place were she can sit down and sing in peace by herself. TheDYRE-FERIEKOLONI.


The sun hits it. There she stands on theTUN and sends rays to your ØYE which are perhaps a GLIMT of her heart. STOREBJØRN is in the background.


SIGAR smoke in the air, and SØREBØ is brought directly home to your STUE with notions about theLIV which are worth paying attention to. ORSAK.


The creation of this is our urban traditon. White streets with people talking as if they were singing together.


The way it moves to and fro makes you think of the thing from above which can make theDRØM realized between the limits set according to your best friend's connections with her family in the countryside.


Where the gents meet, and the woman dress up as if it was Ascot. The best place to see and eat theTORSKEHODE.


Having theTANKER in theENSOMHET is good on these.


One of theSTOLTS will from now on look after this business.


The father of theKJØPESENTER. May Mammon be with him.


TheBUDEIE's destination. Big sponsor. One people - one MELK.


The royal SKØYTE DISTANSE, the event to show what you really are made of. Norway has a long 10.000 METER tradition and it is most exciting when you hear it on theNRK. You can also run 10,000 METERS with normal shoes, but it takes twice as long time.


Long island with theHYTTER. One of the places to stay if the behaviour is needed when you must overcome theLYST to peep over theGJERDE to your neigbour. Well - they moved when they realised that this was not theKONGEHYTTA. Sleep in the garden.


Can either mean something that moves along in the street consisting of two thousand feet. Or something that brings you on SKINNER to BØ.


On your way home to EIDSVOLL theTOG is late in the blue afternoon. Someone has seen two ELG on the line, and everything has stopped.


The coolest guy among the traditional fish. A real Pappa, just like the Italian. TheTORSK has a rather long history to carry on his fish-shoulders. Sometimes we can wonder what we made life into on shore.


Moves over the fields, turns theJORD upside down. More than God can do in a few hours on a Sunday. STOREBJØRN was only five when he learned to drive it.


The childhood oil of morals and best wishes for a long life. Later you went for theSANASOL.


People who wish we could stay alone in Norway are theTRANGSYNT. A narrow valley syndrome.


HARRY KRISHNA has over a hundred books about it in theBOKHYLLE. By accident STORBJØRN manages to VELTE it when he swings around with APRILL JHONNY trying to teach him to dance thePOLKA.


It is so nice to be inside theTRIKK when it is raining outside, sitting next to a nice girl or a boy you do not know. TheKONDUKTØR is back again.


The only real Norwegian inhabitant. Does bad things, but is fooled by theASKELADDEN. TheTROLL BIL takes you to the end of theEVENTYR. A car driven by theTROLL on a secret FJELLVEI, never seen. The real Norwegian BIL (LeCAR). "Das Norwegische Wirtshafts-wunder".




Once APRILL JHONNY, HARRY KRISHNA, STOREBJØRN and ARTIGPER were on top of it watching theHORISONT and theBY. After ten minutes APRILL JHONNY said "This is not America."


When FORKJØLET you are theTUFS. Also your STOREBROR is one when you cannot go with him to theKINO showing Stallone in Rocky V.


Goes from one point to another. In it you are lost. Outside you do not feel quite the same. Better let theLIV have theTUNNEL.


Cottage somewhere in theSKOG or on theVIDDA with interested people inside waiting for the party. People dressed in SAUESKINN and helmets knocking each other down as if they were clowns. Then saying how beautiful and how nice.


Brothers and sisters to theTROLL with their home in theFJØS where theLILLEBROR gives them GRAUT. ROSE smiles LURT. She knows them too.


A house built by theTØMMER from theSKOG. The atmosphere is close to theEVENTYR. Outside the green door somebody got kissed last night. TheLUN STEMNING when theKLOKKE says "Ding dong."


When the morning comes, theTØMMER guys enter theSKOG, and cause confusion inside your head and knock trees down.


On dry land theFISK behaves like theKLES-VASK, although it is sent later to Portugal.


Lonesome cowboy who uses his nose in the valley of the unforgiven nothingness where theHVAL is now the star. What about me and theBJØRN, he thinks? What shall we do? Greenpeace are mostly in boats. Sooner or later there will be no reason to sleep, as everything will go its own way anyway.


Well, some people dare wear it when in the middle of a city when it is not too cold. How stupid. But, you have it on on your way to theNORDPOLEN, and the dogs are happy.


Payday is too far away. ThePENGER did expand in one direction, but that had to do with the number of legs, not the amount. There you are, lost in theMØRKE, with unpaid bills lying all over theHUS.


The one with theHEMMELIG smile when you mention something about theOPPVASK. Then he turns around and says he will call back later.


TheKAKESTYKKE, or later in life theSVARTE PENGER


Falling down from the sky, it's good to know that God created theUNNARENN. What about landing flat on theSLETTA? Break both legs.


Besides the place to read SE & HØR, it's nice to sit there and feel the wind that strikes your ROMPEBALLE. Then the lack of contact you feel with the underground is theSPENNENDE. Where is the bottom?


A place to walk without permission in Norway.


When stopping in theSKOG, you see only more trees. After the vertical columns have said goodbye, you measure your walk by theHORISONT instead. Somewhere is SORIA MORIA.


Only the sound of this word makes ARTIGPER shiver as if he was born to cruise around in Armani and Versace.


Something that goes away the day after. Big speeches. Empty words. Read a poem. Do not break thy heart. Rely on theGRIS next year and play LUDO.


Never mentioned on theRULLETEKST. Did a very important part of theJOBB.


The spot to eat theSURKÅL on your way back from theHYTTA.


Then theKOMMUNESTYRE decide to make the road RETT, and all the curves where STOREBJØRN skidded on his TEMPO are history.


Best enemy of theKLOKKA SJU. When in the shower you think that this is not so bad anyway. Then when out of the shower you walk slowly over to it and bang it against theVEGG. Then you wake up your neighbour who did the same thing the morning before.


The part of theSKØYTEBANE where you are supposed to change lane. A gentleman always makes nice crossings.


What happened when theSAKA no longer was so important? TheMILJØ was on theDAGS-ORDEN instead of theLIKERETT. We miss the clean cuts, whether they cut left or right.


Someone who keeps theDISTANSE from you, but at the same time is near when needed.


People from VESTLANDET have great power in their lives and are closer to theHORISONT. Why should they come to OSLO? Go directly to AMERIKA.


Something that comes from the side of Norway with the longest coastline and theHORISONT d'Amérique. Why he is called this? We do not know.


When APRILL JHONNY asks for money to buy an Interrail ticket his father becomes VETTSKREMT, and says "What are you going to do in Europe? What's wrong with theHJEMME?"


Died long ago. But very alive when people with white socks cross the border to try to sell Norway. TheVIKING fits better in SNORRE than in a Disney-made modern version reduced to nothing.


There are few people who have given us the insight he has at theFOLKEHØGSKOLE. Do wonder what she does in theFRITIDA.


A condition which makes you wonder if it is VIRKELIG back again. TheNIKKERS have gone too.


"Hola bandida" he said when looking back at the week. "Hombre, what a party."


TheBUDEIE moves you when she smiles and says "Have to stay among my cows. Until then, goodbye". You will never forget her eyes.


Old traditional piece of cloth. Either made by theBESTEMOR or theBUDEIE when at theFOLKEHØGSKOLE.


An instrument which makes the most beautiful sound when on theVANN in theBÅT, with her again. Both watching theFUGLER which move on theOVERFLATE.


The light comes quietly from theOVEN. She sits by theGRUE when you enter the scene with theNYHETER about STOREBJØRN's stolen TEMPO. It is the mother of all theHUS.


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