By Thomas Wollnick and Erling Okkenhaug ©

Welcome to theVELKOMMEN part. 

Maybe theHUMOR and theDRØM can be our contribution in theFELLESSKAP. In the times when we shall not be REDD FOR ourselves in the terms of beeing very GENERØSE through theDAL. We see a smiling BUDEIE on her way home from theMELKERAMPE where she has delivered this weeks production. Further down theGRUSVEI we meet APRILL JHONNY. He is standing in the middle of the road thinking about his latest experiences on theVIDDA, his place for reflection and HORISONT. Then when thinking about what we have, words comes flooding to him like theANORAKK, theJETTE-GRYTE, theSJARMØR-ETAPPE and the running HUND in the country of the major landowners, theREINSDYR. We wake up next morning in theTELT somewhere. There is nowhere to hide. Everything is visible on theVIDDA. There is no one to tell about the things we heard last night, it must have been theEVENTYR together with theVIND, theVIDDA VIND.

This new SPRÅK is theNEGATIV of the language which we use in our HVERDAG. NORWAY people are filling up with theDUMME english ORD every now and then. When we look after in theHODE for a needed word, we very often find theENGELSKE ORD. Especially when we talk about theLIV: We say that theLIV is "TØFT". According to a report there will be more KUER in the streets in year 2000, and they do not care wether we speak theENGELSK or theNORVAI language. "Ha ha, this is theSPØK", said APRILL JHONNY when pretending to hold theFOREDRAG. "Maybe someone will listen when I say theFJELLBEKK and theLANDHANDLERI?"

VIRKELIGE NORWAY have the best background when inside theENGELSK. It will get out of the unfamiliar, but very cultural and decent KAMERATSKAP, so high and low that you MÅ pay notice to it in a more different way than it could have had in an only NORSK TEKST. Therebye it will be be so close to see that the text also will tell us something about theVÆRE NORSK today.

TheIDENTITET In the times of theKUTTISME, theKABEL frustration, and theVERDEN more VIRKELIG on theCNN than in the streets we move closer to theNORGE VIRKELIGHET. TheBARDOMSMINNER, thePOLITIKK, theELG, theTULLPRAT. By this scanning of theSPRÅK, with notions of ourselves, we will most easily see a funny face in theSPEIL. TheBUDEIE (TheBUD) must never ask theSPEIL on the wall: "Who is the prettiest in theVERDEN."

TheSTORE VERDEN Maybe the time we keep looking out in theSTORE VERDEN is interesting enough in itself. Also a look on the very natural TING OG TANG can be useful in our search for love and RØTTER, which are located somewhere together with:

TheEKSEMPLER TheSOMMERLAMPE that can guide us through the dark. TheKRABBEFELT which is the place where the small ones take their first step in theLIV. TheAP that is moving from left to right in theHARLEM shuffle. TheENSOMHET that is great when experienced on theVIDDA. TheJETTEGRYTTE which is the place where the next seasons weather is being cooked, or theSTOLLEKEN or theNABO-KRANGEL or theFOSSEFALL or theRUUD NEDSLAG. In theVERDEN of theSNIPP-SNAPP-SNUTE and theALTMULIG-RART, be happy, go lucky. HURRA!

In "VIRKELIGE NORWAY" you will meet some KARAKTERER:

They live somewhere in NORWAY and stay in touch with the REALITETER. Be prepared to meet them again in next books from theVIRKELIGE NORVAI Group. We HERVED have theGLEDE to introduce:

APRILL JHONNY is theTENKER who looks at theLIV a bit from theUTSIDE. He can be you or me, he spends a huge part of his time alone in theSKOG or on theVIDDA. He has a very open approach to theLIV, he is very NYSGJERRIG and SNILL. He is theAVSTANDSFORELSKET in theBUD.

HARRY KRISHNA went out in theSTORE VERDEN to Bali via Katmandu two years ago. Ended up in a camp in India. Knows the new french philosophy and Buddha inside out. His references are not theFJELLBEKK.

TheBUDEIE can most easily match a star model from Paris both in style and elegance. The way she shines with her eyes before she returns to her very best friends theKUER, leaves you with a FJELLSTØTT LYN-NEDSLAG in theMAGE. FLØTE is love.

STOREBJØRN is bigger in size, not so profound or curious towards theLIV as APRILL JHONNY or HARRY KRISHNA, but nevertheless very interested in it. TheTEMPO after his BESTEFAR is his best friend. He loves gliding down theBAKKE standing on theSKLIBRETT.

ARTIGPER comes from town. Pays a visit to BYGDA every now and then. He is a bit FIRKANTA, but will improve. Watch out, STOREBJØRN.

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